Collapsible pools, frame pools

Sklopivi bazeni, bazeni s okvirom

Sklopivi bazeni, bazeni s okvirom

Frame Pools (Folding Pools) are pools that do not require special skills and tools to install.

Prefabricated Pool — The most popular type of pool in the country. Mounting pools can be installed both on the street and in rooms where it is not possible to install stationary pools (for example, in the attic or on the roof). Such pools can be transported from place to place and disassembled for the winter season.

Installation, building a swimming pool is a very responsible procedure. And for that you need to know the video on building a swimming pool will become your assistant in the self-promotion journey . Here you will gather new information that will become the basis in the selection of materials and equipment for the pool.

Frame Pool Prefab Pool

Frame pools, inflatable pools, inflatable prefabricated pools — the main advantages of such pools are fast installation and good price. Installation of prefabricated pools will not require laborious and expensive work, and the installation itself will take about an hour.

For all types of pools that can be assembled, it is possible to buy additional accessories: hydro and air massage devices, fountains, waterfalls, water heater, etc. Appliances such as ladders, covered tents and pool care devices are mostly included, but can also be purchased separately.

Frame pools can be installed both on the ground and in a dug pit. In the latter case, partial concreting of the vessel is required.

The basis of the pool frame is the use of structures made of metal or wood, which are impregnated with a special water repellent composition. The frame is made of galvanized sheet steel (solid layer) which has several protective plastic linings. The internal reinforced PVC film coating is both finished and waterproof.

Frame pools have the shape of a circle, oval shape or figure eight, 0.9 — 1.5 m deep, and their capacity can be for one or two people, or for a small company of 10-15 people.

To maintain the ideal purity of the pool water, the kit includes technical equipment:

filter system
skimmer designed to pump contaminated water from the surface,
nozzles for running water,
vacuum cleaner

When it comes to the flaws of the frame base base, it can be said that although manufacturers point out the possibility of disassembling the frame of the pool for the cold season, however, once the pool has been dismantled once, there is no absolute certainty that it can be reassembled.

The weak point of the frame pool is the finishing material, that is, PVC film. When buying a swimming pool, pay attention to the thickness of the foil, it should not be less than 0.6-0.8 mm.

You cannot drain water during the winter. The design is made of weatherproof materials. Also, with the onset of cold weather, it is possible to perform winter conservation work in the pool.

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